Why Your Company Should Enroll Executives In Private Jet Card Membership

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Does your company have a growing number of executives who are starting to do more and more travel? Has company business been delayed because your nearby airport always has flight cancelations? One option you might want to consider would be to enroll company executives or leaders in a private jet card membership program. Here's what a private jet card program is and why it might be the right choice for your company.

Use a Private Jet Without Owning It

A private jet card program allows a person or a company to book a set allotment of hours in the sky on a private jet. Your company could book 20 or 30 hours of flight time or a certain number of miles and keep your allotment on hand for when you need it.

This means your company and your executive team will have access to a private jet when it needs it, but without the company spending millions of dollars on purchasing a jet outright. You get the luxury and convenience that a private jet provides without making a significant investment that might drain your company's coffers or put you in debt.

Avoid Typical Airport Hassles

Going through the airport with other passengers can be a hassle. Security is tight as ever, and then you are at the mercy of the airlines' scheduling when it comes to finding a flight when you need it.

With a private jet card, you may still have to book your flight at least a little bit in advance to ensure availability, but when it's time to fly, you can pull right up to the jet instead of potentially wasting hours of your time with the traditional airport experience.

Get to Business Quickly

Another positive outcome of being able to board your flight and be on your way is that you can get to business without as many distractions to worry about. You'll also get to your destination faster. When the business is concluded, the jet will be waiting for you, so you will make it home in good time. You may be able to fit more meetings or more general business into your schedule because you won't have to leave many hours before your flight time. Traditional flights are time-consuming.

Show Your Clients That You Care

If you want to impress your clients, being able to take them on a private jet is one way to accomplish that goal. You can fly a client with you in luxury and style without paying to own the private jet yourself. 

Contact a professional about having your own private jet card membership.


31 July 2023

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