4 Red Flags A Home Inspector May Find In A Home

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Part of the process of purchasing a home is that you are allowed to have it looked at by a home inspector. This gives you the opportunity to have a professional look at the home and tell you if anything is wrong with it that you couldn't determine on your own. If you're unhappy with the home inspection report, then you can walk away from the purchase and get any earnest money back. Here are some red flags to take seriously that your home inspector may point out during the home inspection process. 

Water Damage

One thing your inspector will look for is water damage. This includes signs that there was water in the home at some point that the current or previous homeowners tried to clean up. These could be faint lines along the bottom of the basement walls, indicating that there was standing water that discolored the foundation. There may also be signs of discoloration in the ceiling and walls as well, indicating that the water came from a broken pipe. 

Mold Issues

If there was water in the home at some point, then there is a chance that mold may be in the home as well. Sometimes an inspector can know that there is mold in the air just by identifying the unique smell. However, it may involve taking an air quality test and having those results sent to a lab to get official results. If your home inspector suspects that a mold problem requires testing, it is definitely something you should not ignore, since it can tell you a lot about the condition of the home. 

Electrical Issues

You may not be able to understand if the electrical system is working properly, which is where a home inspector can come in to help. They can let you know if they see things that are not done to the code and are considered a big hazard in the home. This includes outdated wiring that doesn't meet modern standards, a circuit breaker that looks like it is about to fail, and various things of that nature.

Pest Infestations

The problem with pests is that you don't typically see them out in the open, so you need to look for the signs that they are there. A mice infestation can have droppings in dark corners of rooms where people do not typically look, and termites can leave evidence behind of them damaging wood. Take any signs of a pet infestation seriously, since only so much can be done during a home inspection to investigate the problem further.


12 May 2023

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