Drilling Your Home's New Water Well

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For many homes, the use of a water well can be the most reliable way of ensuring that their property is getting the water that it requires. If you are currently assessing whether the installation of one of these wells will be the right move for your property, there are some misconceptions that you will want to avoid making.

Misconception: There Are No Limits Or Requirements For Drilling A Water Well On Your Property

Unfortunately, some individuals may not realize that there are strict requirements and limits in place when it comes to drilling a water well on their property. These limitations are done to help preserve the local underground water supply for everyone that relies on it. For example, these limitations may involve the amount of water that can be drawn from the well on a daily basis. Additionally, there may be permitting fees that will have to be paid before the well can be constructed. Failing to comply with these requirements can lead to expensive fines and even a person being barred from building a water well on their property.

Misconception: Well Drilling Services Can Always Find Water On The First Attempt

There is a common assumption that a water well drilling service will always be capable of finding the underground water source on its first attempt. In reality, the location of an underground water source can be difficult to locate as its positioning can change dramatically. While a water well drilling service will review local records to help identify where the underground source of water is the most likely to be located on the property, they may not always be successful on their first attempt. In fact, it can be common for these projects to require multiple attempts before the service is able to find the underground water source.

Misconception: Drilling Is The Only Type Of Excavation Well Construction Projects Require

During the reconstruction of a water well, it is easy to focus on the drilling work that is being done. However, this is not the only excavation that may be required as part of this process. For example, water wells may have a storage tank attached to them that will help to allow the system to more quickly provide the house with water. These tanks can be somewhat large, and they will need to be buried near the well so that they can be easily filled. The exact size of the tank and the area that will need to be excavated will depend on the amount of water that you will need to draw from the system. 

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20 December 2022

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