Work in the Food Processing Industry? Why You Should Be Using Metal Detectable Pens

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Regardless of where you work, pens are an important tool to have on hand. In most work environments, you can reach for just about any type of ballpoint pen. However, when you work in the food industry, you need to be more selective in the type of writing utensils you use. That's where metal detectable pens come in handy. Metal detectable pens provide the reliability you need from a pen, without the risks associated with typical ball-point pens. Here are just four of the important benefits of using metal detectable pens in the food industry.

No Detachable Parts

When you look at a standard ballpoint pen, you notice that it has several detachable parts. Each of those detachable parts can come apart while you're working. If that happens in a food handling environment, the parts could cause contamination or other safety-related issues. That's why metal detectable pens are so beneficial in the food industry. Metal detectable pens contain no detachable parts, which means there's nothing that can come apart in the food. That makes these pens the safest writing option when you work in the food industry. 

Color-Coded Casing

If you work in a food processing factory where a variety of foods are handled, you need to take extra precautions where your pens are concerned. Using the same pen in multiple sections could increase the risk of cross-contamination. That's why metal detectable pens are so useful. One of the benefits of metal detectable pens is that they come in an assortment of casing colors. That means you can color-code your pens for different areas of the factory. As a result, the risk for pen-related cross-contamination will be greatly reduced.

Food-Safe Writing

When you work in a food processing plant, you need to take care of the type of ink you use. Ordinary ink can cause a health risk, especially when used around food. That's why it's important for you to use metal detectable pens. However, you don't need to worry about ink risks when you use metal detectable pens. That's because these pens don't actually use standard ink. They use special laser writing, which protects the food being processed. 


Finally, when you process food for a living, you need to know that the pens you use aren't going to break. After all, if your pens break, the pieces could end up in the food that you're processing. That's why you need to use metal detectable pens. One of the great things about metal detectable pens is that they're unbreakable, which means they won't pose a health and safety risk while you're working. 


2 May 2022

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