Why Lawn Aeration Is Worth The Effort

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Aerating a lawn involves putting small holes in the ground to get air and water to the roots of the grass. It's a simple and cost-effective project that a motivated DIYer can knock out over the weekend with a lawn aeration rental. This is a machine that moves along the ground with a rolling drum that has attached spikes to punch holes.

Why is this necessary, and is it worth the effort? There are several good reasons to aerate a lawn, so keep reading to learn more about the most important ones.


Much of the point of aeration is to get nutrients into the grass. Particularly, it's important to bring nitrogen to the roots. You can certainly add nitrogen by way of sprays, pellets, and sticks. However, this is an expensive way to do the job.

Poking holes into the ground loosens up the soil. It also breaks through thatched plants like weeds, allowing water and air to penetrate deeper. The air contains nitrogen, but this only gets to roots when it is fixed in rainwater. Consequently, you want to provide a path for rainwater to transport nitrogen to the roots. From there, microbes will break it down and the grass roots will absorb it.


It's also important for the top layer of soil to remain relatively loose to allow water to drain from your yard. Otherwise, it can collect in puddles that don't disappear until they evaporate. This denies your yard free water, and it also can encourage fungi and pathogens to infest the yard.

Notably, poor aeration can cause a feedback loop. The soil can compact, and this can encourage worse drainage as the ground becomes more clay-like. Over time, the process can make a yard so compacted you'll have to rip out the top layer of soil and start fresh.

Preventing Patchiness

As the grass in the lawn struggles, you'll get places where it's doing better or worse. The net effect will be green and yellow patches that produce an ugly pattern. Aeration will give the yellow patches a chance to recover, leaving you with a more even-looking yard.


Generally, weeds tend to thrive in environments where the grass is struggling. You want the grass to have the best chance possible to thrive in the spring. If it is nourished and watered, the grass will have an opportunity to compete against the weeds in your yard. This should reduce the amount of weeding and treatment you have to do.

To get started with this project, contact a local lawn aerator rental service.


8 September 2021

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