The Appeals Of Using Swatch Memos For Your Design Business

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If you work in an interior design firm, you need to know what fabrics are available to you. You want to use those that are the most stylish and in vogue. You also want to offer fabrics that will be worthwhile investments to your customers.

Rather than bring in large bolts of fabric, you can find out what ones are available by using swatches of them in your business. These advantages come with using swatch memos in your design firm.


Swatch memos are more affordable to use for your design firm that large bolts of fabric. Bolts of fabric cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to buy upfront. Once you buy them, you own them regardless of whether or not any of your clients ever decide to use these fabrics for their homes or workplaces.

However, swatches often cost a fraction of the price of a bolt of fabric. You pay significantly less for a sample of fabric that your customers can look at and feel. You do not have to make a major investment in the fabric that may or may not appeal to your customers.

Up Close Inspection

Similarly, your customers want to sample fabric before they decide whether or not to use it in their designs at home or their offices. They do not simply want to look at a picture of fabric in a magazine or catalog. They want to know what it feels like and how well it can be cleaned to remove potential stains.

When you have swatch memos on hand, you have samples of fabric for customers to see and feel up close. They can closely inspect the fabric and decide if the color and finish appeal to them. Depending on the number of memos of one fabric that you have on hand, you may even allow customers to take the swatch home to see how well it will work for them.

Finally, swatch memos are easy to take along with you when you meet with clients. You avoid having to lug around and pack large bolts of fabric just to show clients what ones you have on hand. 

Swatch memos are convenient for your design firm because they are inexpensive and more affordable. They also give your customers something to handle and inspect up close before they decide what fabric to use. You can also pack and take them easily with you.


2 October 2020

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