Questions to Ask When Finding a Supplier as a CBD Wholesale Distributor

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Setting out on your own as a CBD wholesale distributor can be an incredible business opportunity, but you must first find the best supplier. Here is a look at a few important questions to ask a supplier in your search for the best. 

How is the CBD in the products extracted?

Extraction methods can vary from one hemp operation to the next. The majority of modern operations will rely on CO2 extraction methods because this produces the purest CBD product without a lot of contamination. However, some suppliers may also use solvent extraction or other methods, which can directly impact the quality of the end CBD product. Make sure you ask what methods are used by the supplier before you commit to purchasing your wholesale products from them. 

What is the shelf life of the CBD products?

All CBD products do have a shelf life, and beyond that point, the quality of the ingredients can start to deteriorate. You will want to make sure when you order from a supplier, you will be getting the freshest products so you will not be in danger of receiving products that have to see a quick turnaround so your own customers get the best quality. 

Will the supplier offer a certificate of analysis (COA) for their products?

A certificate of analysis is a verifiable document that shows the testing outcomes of CBD products. These analyses are done by a third-party lab to prevent bias, but the supplier may not always pay to have the analyses completed; instead, that might be your responsibility. In either case, this is something CBD customers will be looking for, so you should know in advance if it will be provided. 

What is the shipping policy for bulk orders?

Every supplier will have a shipping policy, and this is definitely something you will need to know as a CBD wholesale distributor because it can directly impact your own inventory planning. For example, if the supplier only ships orders on certain days of the week, you will know to be making plans from week to week to keep your inventory where it needs to be. 

Are there minimum order requirements?

It is always best to find out if there are minimum order requirements for products from a supplier. You may be buying most of your products in bulk, but there may be certain items that do not sell as well; therefore, you may need to make smaller orders. 

Learn more about the industry by contacting another CBD wholesale distributor. 


17 August 2020

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