Why You Should Consider A Patio Screen Enclosure Instead Of A Sunroom

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When it comes to finishing off a patio area so that it can be more easily enjoyed, you might be debating between turning it into a sunroom or simply adding a patio screen enclosure. Patio screen enclosures may be the best solution for your situation. Here is a look at some of the many reasons why patio screen enclosures are such a great investment.

Screen Enclosures Eliminate Harsh Sun Glare

When you have your patio enclosed into a sunroom, the glass from the windows can result in some pretty harsh sun glare throughout the room. This glare can be really hard on your eyes, not only making it difficult to see but also potentially damaging your eyes as well.

A patio screen enclosure eliminates the sun glare effect from the glass because there's no glass to worry about. In fact, the screening material used to create the screen enclosures is often crafted from a specialty mesh material that allows you to see out perfectly fine without allowing the sun to glare back in through the screen.

This allows you to enjoy your patio even in the bright light of the day without worrying about harsh sunlight.

Screen Enclosures Block UV Rays

Any time you opt for window enclosures, such as a sunroom, you're allowing unfiltered light through the glass unless you have a UV-barrier coating applied to the windows. This allows UV rays to pass through onto your patio, potentially causing your furniture to fade and exposing you and your family to those harmful rays. A screen enclosure eliminates this risk. Patio screen enclosures naturally filter the UV rays from the sun, preventing you from having to worry about the damage that the rays can cause.

Screen Enclosures Are Easier To Keep Clean

Another great benefit to patio screen enclosures is how easy they are to keep clean. When you're dealing with as much glass as you'd have in a sunroom, you're likely going to be chasing smudges, fingerprints, and other unsightly issues on a frequent basis. Glass shows most every flaw.

Screen enclosures, on the other hand, can't smudge, streak, or show fingerprints. In fact, you can usually just wipe them down once in a while and you'll maintain a clean, attractive enclosure on your patio.

These are a few of the many reasons to consider a screen patio enclosure instead of investing in a sunroom structure. Talk with a patio enclosure contractor near you today for more information.


24 July 2020

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