3 Tips To Make CBD Tincture Use More Pleasant

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There are a variety of reasons why you might like using CBD tinctures. After all, you might have found CBD products to be very effective in dealing with various ailments, so you might like the results that you can get from using tinctures. You might like how quickly tinctures work in comparison to some other products, and you might have found that tinctures are more affordable than some other CBD products.

Of all of the things that you like about CBD tinctures, however, there might be one thing that you don't like: the taste. If you find the process of dropping a little bit of your tincture underneath or on your tongue to be unpleasant, you could be wondering what you can do to make it a little more enjoyable. Try these tips out, and you might find that you like CBD tinctures more than ever.

1. Choose a Flavored CBD Tincture

First of all, if you didn't already know that CBD tinctures can be purchased in different flavors, this is probably something that you'll want to find out more about. You can find CBD tinctures in all sorts of flavors, so you may want to buy a few small bottles in different flavors. Then, you can explore your options and find a CBD tincture that you actually enjoy the taste of.

2. Mask the Flavor With Something Sweet

Some people find that they can mask the flavor of their CBD oil with something sweet. For example, you can add a small drop of honey to your mouth before applying the tincture. Then, you might find that you will not really taste the tincture at all; instead, you might just taste the sweet, delicious taste of the honey. You can try other sweet flavorings for a similar effect, too, such as a dollop of maple syrup.

3. Mix It Into Your Food or Beverage

Although many people find that it's easiest and most effective to use CBD tinctures by dropping a little bit under their tongues, this is not the only way that you can use these products. Another option is to mix your CBD tincture in with your favorite food or beverage. For example, if you'd like to start your day off with the benefits of CBD, you could try stirring a drop or two of your tincture in with your oatmeal or your smoothie. When mixed in with your breakfast food or beverage, you might find that you don't taste the CBD tincture at all.

For more information about CBD tinctures, contact a CBD product supplier in your area.


1 July 2020

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