What To Expect To See In Your Home Inspection Report

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Have you hired a home inspector to look at a home you are interested in purchasing? If so, it helps to know what you are going to see in the home inspection report.


An inspector is going to verify that all electrical outlets are working and grounded properly by testing every single one. They will also help identify any issues where the electrical system is not up to code, such as not having GFCI outlets that are located near water sources. They will also look at the electrical panel to verify the condition and if any circuits are overloaded.


You'll get an evaluation of the condition of the water heater to know if it is in need of replacement or will last you for quite some time. The condition of the pipes will be evaluated as well to let you know if there are any concerns. For example, you may receive a recommendation to replace old galvanized steel pipes that are at risk of rusting from the inside.


Your home inspector will look for any visible signs of defects and damage to your home's structure. Be aware that a home inspector is often limited to what they can do in certain areas. They may recommend that you bring in a specialist to look at the foundation if they see potential damage but not able to give an accurate assessment of what they see. The inspector will look for signs of water intrusion in the home and look at things like landscape grading that will keep water away from the foundation. 


You'll be allowed to look in the home's attic to see how much insulation is in there, and you'll be given a recommendation about if you should add more insulation once you move in. Some home inspectors use infrared cameras that allow them to see how much insulation is in the exterior walls and how energy-efficient the home is. Expect these infrared pictures to be included in the report if they are taken. 


When it comes to the roof, you'll find out if there is any damage to the shingles that would require repair or replacement. You'll also be given an estimate of how old the roof is and when the roof will potentially need replacement. The inspector will look at how many layers of shingles there are, as well, to let you know if the roof is on its second layer or not. 

To learn more, contact a company that offers home inspection services.


10 April 2020

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