How To Avoid Crashing Your Carbon Fiber GPS Imaging Drone

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Drones can be worth thousands of dollars. Therefore, the last thing you might want is for all of that to go up in smoke when you crash your carbon fiber GPS imaging drone. While some drones are very durable and can survive some crashes, others may need to be replaced after they fall out of the sky.

Know the Environment

Before flying the drone, be aware of the surrounding area. Take note of any power lines or tree branches that the drone may collide with. Use a spotter to watch the drone to make sure that it doesn't collide with any objects.

Understand the Controls

When you first start flying a drone, focus on trying to use the controls while not flying too high. Don't try to use the camera or any of the other features. Simply focus on learning how to pilot the device.

Fly Cautiously

Avoid using flying techniques that make it more difficult to control the drone. For example, drones are able to fly backward. However, this should only be done if you are an experienced drone pilot.

Understand the Home Function

Learn how the return home function works. Make sure that the return to home feature is over 100 meters so it does not collide with any trees or power lines on its way back. Do not fly the drone to its maximum range limit since it will be much harder to prevent the drone from colliding with other objects.

Fly Outdoors

Try to fly the drone outdoors whenever possible. When indoors, there are more objects it can collide with. Also, your drone is more likely to not have a GPS signal if it is flying indoors. When there is no GPS, you will be in full control of flying the drone.  

Perform Regular Maintenance

Poor drone maintenance is one of the most common reasons that it will crash. Make sure to have a maintenance schedule so that you'll be able to operate it safely and have full control of the drone.

The rotors on a drone are designed to be soft so that they do not damage anything when they collide with an object. Therefore, they can bend out of shape after a few bumps and might fall. Depending on how far the drone falls, it might sustain a substantial amount of damage. Before a flight, inspect the rotors to make sure they're in good shape. When your drone is kept in great condition, you'll be able to take amazing images.


15 March 2020

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