Why Hair Analysis Preparation Has To Be So Specific

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Hair analysis can tell you a lot about the state of your health. These tests are used in both personal and professional capacities, and they can provide everything from general health snapshots to drug use to forensic evidence. These tests have gained enough respect that in some cases, even insurance will pay for them.

The best part of these tests is that they're easy to take. They are non-invasive, for the most part; some require providing the hair root, which involves pulling out a hair, but many just need a section of hair cut off. The hardest part may be just making sure the hair has been cleaned properly, which means following some very specific directions.

Metal and Mineral Ingredients

Your hair needs to be clean and as free of care product residue as possible. While the lab that runs the analysis on your hair will likely do some cleaning itself, you should start by washing your hair thoroughly with shampoo that is as plain as possible. Avoid dandruff products and combination products as these often contain metals and minerals that can skew test results. If you're having your hair tested for mineral content, the last thing you want is to mess with the results by having mineral-rich product residue on the hair sample.

Oil, Dirt, and Grease

Don't think that you can avoid washing your hair, either. Not only does that not remove old residue, but it also allows too much dirt, oil, and grease to remain on your scalp and hair shaft. If you use a shampoo-free method (e.g. vinegar) to clean your hair and scalp, you may want to contact the lab's customer service number to ask about preparation if you're not willing to use plain shampoo once.

Optimal Sample Location

Instructions for hair analysis kits often contain very detailed instructions asking for a specific section of hair -- not the ends, not near the root, a specific number of inches long, and so on. Follow those instructions closely. That section of hair is necessary because the lab has determined that it's coming from a "sweet spot": close enough to the scalp to contain more recent evidence of whatever you're looking for, but far enough away that your hairstyle likely won't suffer.

Each hair mineral analysis test kit will be different, so don't cut off any hair until you check the guidelines for the current test. Even if you've taken a hair analysis test previously, you want your sample to adhere as closely as possible to the requirements of the test you're currently taking.


18 February 2020

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