Buy A Fire Hose Dog Collar In These Situations

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When it comes to buying a collar for your dog, you've got a lengthy list of options. While there's nothing wrong with choosing a conventional dog collar, it can be fun to look for one that is a little more unique — especially if it has a special meaning to you or your dog. As you shop, you may come across dog collars that are made from recycled fire hoses. Sturdy and stylish, these accessories can appeal to just about every dog owner. However, if you have a special connection to firefighting, buying this type of dog collar can make a lot of sense. Here are some situations that may compel you to buy a fire hose dog collar.

For The Firehouse Dog

Traditionally, firehouses often had Dalmatians that lived at the firehouse and kept the firefighters company — while also serving as a mascot for the fire department. Most departments today don't have Dalmatians at the firehouse, but there are definitely some departments that have dogs of various breeds. If you're a firefighter and you're looking for an appropriate collar for your firehouse's dog, there's no better choice than one made from a recycled length of fire hose.

A Firefighter Saved Your Dog

Firefighters can help people in a number of different ways, as well as help their pets when a crisis occurs. It's possible that you have a family dog who nearly perished in a house fire, but the quick actions of your local fire department saved the animal. For example, if your house caught on fire quickly and you had to escape without your dog, the rapid response and heroic actions of the local fire department may have prevented the tragic death of the pet. You might choose to recognize and remember the fire department's bravery on that day by giving your dog a fire hose collar.

You Come From A Firefighting Family

Even if you aren't a firefighter, this may be a profession that has a place in your heart. This may be the case if many of your family members have been or are currently firefighters — for example, perhaps your grandparent, a parent, and one or more siblings have been or are currently firefighters. You might do a handful of things to honor their commitment, including having a bumper sticker on your vehicle. Choosing a fire hose dog collar for your family pet can also be a fun way to honor them.


13 February 2020

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