Why Flameless Cremation Might Be An Option

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In the past, cremation almost always referred to the act of incinerating human remains so that they could be disposed of. However, a new type of flameless cremation is available that is much better for the environment and disposes of the remains of your loved one with water. Water is a much safer mode by which to dispose of remains.

Understanding Flameless Cremation

The scientific name for flameless cremation is alkaline hydrolysis. This cremation method takes the natural breakdown process and accelerates it. Alkalinity, a high temperature, and the gentle flow of water are able to break down the remains effectively. The process is considered sterile and does not deplete the Earth's resources. This process is possible because the human body is mostly water to begin with. However, the process uses less water than an average household uses in an entire day.

Flameless Cremation and the Environment

Flameless cremation produces a lower carbon footprint than other cremation methods. This leads to the cremation process having a smaller impact on global climate change. You will save more money with flameless cremation because of the lower energy costs. These savings can be passed onto you.

The Remains

The remains are returned to you in the same way as a traditional cremation. However, the remains will be brighter because they will not experience carbon discoloration as a result of the cremation process. The mineral ash still remains.

The Byproducts of Flameless Cremation

Alkaline is the opposite of acid and assists the water in dissolving the soft tissues. The alkaline is not released into the environment because it is used up before the byproduct is disposed of. The water is sent to a wastewater treatment facility in the same way as embalming fluids.  

Reusing Medical Implants

Medical implants can be recycled after a flameless cremation. During a traditional cremation, the heat melts the implant and it cannot be used as a result. The materials needed to create new medical implants have to be extracted from the environment rather than being reused.

Availability Across the United States

Flameless cremation is a relatively new process and it is not yet legal in most states. There are 18 states in which flameless cremation is fully legal. For several other states, the rules are still being created for flameless cremation. Therefore, it's important to contact a cremation service to find out if they are capable of performing a flameless cremation.

For more information, contact a cremation service in your area.


12 February 2020

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