Here's How To Prepare For Inpatient Detox To Make The Experience A More Positive One

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Are you getting ready to enter an inpatient detox facility? Here are a few things you can do to prepare for the experience and make a more positive one overall.

Pack a Bag of Personal Items

One important thing you can do to prepare for inpatient detox is to pack a bag of personal items that will help make you feel at home and that will keep your brain occupied during your downtime. In addition to the basics such as clothes and toiletries, you should pack a variety of items such as:

  • Framed photos of friends and family members.

  • A personal blanket for the bed.

  • Crossword puzzles.

  • An MP3 player filled with songs, audiobooks, and self-help sessions.

Make a list of items that currently make you feel comfortable and happy at home and then narrow the list down to a manageable few that you would like to have with you the most.

Meet With the Counselor Beforehand

Before you even go to an inpatient detox program, you should meet with the counselor that you will be working with while staying at the facility. This will give you an opportunity to have your questions and concerns addressed and to gain a little insight into what you can expect when communicating with them during detox.

Your counselor will explain how the detox process works and what their role will be while you are making your way through the detox program. They can also give you a tour of the detox facility so you know where you will be sleeping, eating, and socializing and you can mentally prepare yourself for your stay during the days leading up to check-in time.

Practice Opening Up at Home

You can make yourself feel more comfortable while you're in detox by practicing some communication skills at home. You will have to be completely honest when working with the staff at your detox center if you expect to successfully recover from your addiction. So take the time to sit down with a friend or loved one who you trust and have an honest conversation with them.

Let them know how you are feeling and tell them a story about an experience you have had in the past. And let them ask you questions so you can practice answering honestly and with integrity. By the time you show up to the detox center, you will be ready to be your authentic honest self and actually get the help that you need.


9 February 2020

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