Understanding The Intersection Of Leadership Development, Philosophy, And Organizational Culture

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Fostering the development of future leaders is one of the best ways to create a forward-thinking culture within your organization. Employees with leadership roles in your organization play a significant part in ensuring the success of both long- and short-term goals. The constant development of critical leadership skills is one of the hallmarks of an organization that can see beyond its immediate needs. By investing in this aspect of your employees' education, you are guaranteeing that your organization will have a deep talent pool to carry it forward in the years and decades to come.

Because of its importance, choosing speakers for any leadership development seminar can be challenging. "Good" leadership is not easy to define, and selecting the right speaker requires that you understand how your company's internal philosophy and culture interact with the roles of managers and other leaders.

Why Do Philosophy And Values Matter?

All organizations tend to develop unique values over time, either as a result of top-down initiatives or more organic processes. These values can impact everything from attitudes towards work hours and overtime to policies on internal advancement and promotions. These values often reflect the core purpose of the organization, such that the values held by a non-profit are likely to be drastically different from the typical for-profit company.

Leaders within your organization must work with the value framework that exists, and so speakers helping to develop leadership skills should broadly align with your company's core values. When selecting a speaker, be sure that their core philosophy aligns with your company's core philosophy towards leadership. If your goal is to shift your organization towards a new leadership philosophy, then keep the potential difficulties associated with this type of cognitive shift in mind as you choose speakers for your program.

The Role Of Organizational Culture In Leadership

In addition to your organization's core values, it is also essential to be aware of your organization's internal culture. Leaders help to shape that culture, but they are also beholden to some degree to the culture that currently exists. The keynote speaker that you choose for a development seminar or program will help to establish your goals, so it's crucial to understand whether you want to help build upon your organization's current culture, encourage small evolutions, or set sweeping goals for change. If you feel that there are negative aspects to your organization's culture that require change, there is no better way to course-correct than to instill new values in employees with leadership roles.

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4 February 2020

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