Want To Start A Ground Support Helicopter Business? Equipment You Will Need

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If you would like to start a ground support business this is a great idea. You would likely be successful if you live near airports or hangers. Before you can start, however, you need to purchase equipment. Below are three types of equipment you can start with. 

Ground Power Unit

One type of equipment you need is known as a ground power unit. This equipment services the rotary wings that are on the helicopter. It supports wings that are run hydraulically, electrically, or pneumatically. Ground power unit equipment allows you to improve the power source that runs the helicopter, as well as to make modifications that are needed to the battery, filtration system, and exhaust system. Ground power units also allow you to test the current power checking the overload and the output performance. This is important as the current power has to meet requirements.

Engine Diagnostic System

Helicopters have turbine engines, and you need to have an engine diagnostic system to ensure the engine is in good condition. This is a software program that you install on a portable device, such as a tablet or a laptop. The device that you use has to have an electronic interface in order to work properly. The software will do a complete diagnostic, and the test results will show up on the screen that you are using. If there are problems found, the software will have troubleshooting tests to help you determine what the problems are.

Cleaning and Deicing System

Another type of equipment that you will need is a cleaning and deicing system. This is a handheld wireless product that is very lightweight. It uses a low pressure of spraying water or other types of solutions to clean the outside of the helicopter. This device will also collect water runoff and then filter the water. This is important as this is a requirement by the Environmental Protection Agency. Removing water will help prevent water from icing up during the winter months. This also includes the windshield of the helicopter.

Vibration Analyzer

You also need a vibration analyzer. This is a portable piece of equipment that is used to measure the vibration of the helicopter blades. If the vibration is not correct, then it is important that this is repaired before the helicopter is flown. This equipment can check both the main and the tall helicopter blades. 

Talk with a company that sells ground support helicopter equipment, and they can tell you more about the equipment that you will need to purchase.


29 January 2020

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