Why Color Grade Your Videos?

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Color grading is a term used to describe the process of editing the colors in a video during post-production. It's usually undertaken once you have all the necessary footage and after the content editing process has been completed. Here are three reasons to color grade your videos.

1. Make your video look more vibrant.

When shooting video, some of the vibrancy of colors tends to be lost. Using high-quality lenses and video cameras can minimize this effect, but the reality is that the picture on the screen will usually be duller than the colors your eyes perceive. Fortunately, you can correct this dullness by using color grading. Color grading software allows you to increase contrast and saturation. You can adjust these levels until the image on your screen matches the true vivid colors you see all around you.

2. Make your video look more professional.

When professional movies are filmed, the original footage is color graded before the editing process is complete. The colors you see in popular movies and television are typically the result of color grading. Most people may not be able to put their finger on exactly what that professional look is, but they know it when they see it. If you're an aspiring filmmaker or you simply want to create some high-quality videos for your business, the right color grading software can help you present a more polished final project to your viewers.

3. Pursue your artistic vision.

Color grading can be used for more than just simple color correction. Color grading can also be used to create artistic effects. By increasing the concentration of certain colors, you can lend an interesting tint to your footage. Adding warmth can give your video a summery atmosphere, while increasing the amount of blue present can make the film feel cold and austere. Color grading software allows you to change your video to more accurately depict the message and feelings you would like to convey.

If you would like to try color grading in your next video project, you will need the software to make it possible. Using dedicated color grading software can save you a lot of time. These powerful programs have amazing capabilities, and some even come with presets that will make color grading even easier. Color grading software is an investment that you can use again and again on all the video projects you make in the future.

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28 January 2020

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