3 Considerations To Talk To Your Paving Contractor When Designing Your Parking Lot

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If you are planning on installing a parking lot on a commercial property sometime soon, then you will need to carefully design that parking lot so that it will turn out the right way. Luckily, you should be able to talk to your paving contractor so that you can get help with coming up with a great parking lot design. These are some of the considerations that you may want to talk to your paving contractor about during the planning stages of your project.

1. Size

First of all, you will obviously need to determine the appropriate size of your parking lot. If you have not had a land survey done on your commercial property, you will need to do so; then, you can ensure that you are aware of the property lines and the exact amount of space that you have to work with. You should consider the amount of space that will be needed for your commercial structures and for other business purposes, too. Then, you will know how much space you can dedicate to your new parking area.

2. Set-Up

In addition to choosing the right sizing for your parking lot, you will also need to plan how your parking lot will be set up. You'll want to ensure that you are making the best possible use of your paved space and that your parking lot lines are painted the right way. Also, think about things like creating handicapped parking spaces, loading areas, fire lanes and more when coming up with the design for your parking lot.

3. Drainage

One very important thing for you to think about when designing and installing a parking lot is drainage. It is very important for water to be able to drain off of your parking lot without any major problems. A good paving contractor should be able to help with installing a slightly sloped parking lot that will allow for proper drainage. This will make a big difference on rainy or snowy days when you want to prevent water from standing on the property.

Installing a new parking lot involves a little bit of careful consideration. If you talk to a good paving contractor about the three things listed above, then you can help ensure that your new parking lot is installed properly and that you are happy with your parking lot design and paving quality in the long run.


28 January 2020

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