Three Ways To Test DNA (And Why You Might Want To!)

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DNA testing has been both a blessing and a curse for the human race. On the one hand, it has helped confirm and convict criminals of their actions. On the other hand, it has released convicted persons from jail because they were innocent all along. In addition, it has proven that women were faithful in their marriages when their unexpected pregnancies were found to belong to their partners. If you seek out a DNA testing service, there are three ways your DNA may be tested, and some of the reasons why you might want the testing completed. 

Amniotic Fluid

Amniotic fluid is the very first of many DNA tests. Originally conducted to find abnormalities in the genetic structure of infants in utero, this test is now used to confirm birth defects, parental lineage, and future health risks. If parents ask for it, the amniotic fluid may also be tested for genetic factors that may influence their desire for genetic counseling for any more children they choose to have in the future. 


Blood is the easiest way to test DNA. A single vial of your blood can tell you almost everything you would ever need or want to know about yourself, and then some. Familial DNA testing kits rely a lot on blood samples to find relatives lost or missing and trace genealogical lines. Blood samples can be stored in world DNA data banks to link thousands of years' worth of familial trace genetics back to their origins, too. If you are looking for birth parents because you were adopted, this might be the type of testing you use. 


Some DNA tests ask you to spit in a tube. You have to fill the tube with a certain amount of spit in order to get enough for the tests to work. Some special interest research groups, like those for autism research or breast cancer research, ask for spit tests to look for specific markers found in the spit of patients who either have autism or breast cancer or who are at risk for developing it or having children who develop it. Likewise, other research groups may ask for spit tests, and you can choose to give them your spittle in a free test kit they send to you. The results of your test kit are sent to you via email or postal mail in about three months or less.


27 January 2020

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