The Benefits Document Shredding Services Have Over Paper Recycling Services

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If you have stacks of papers in your home or at your business, you may be thinking about how you can dispose of them. Many people find themselves debating between utilizing a document shredding service or putting the papers in a recycling bin so they can be recycled. Recycling is often the cheaper option, so those on a budget may be leaning toward this route. However, there are many benefits associated with utilizing a document shredding service over paper recycling services. Here are a few of those benefits. 

Shredded Papers Do Not Get Sorted

One of the problems with using a paper recycling service is that these services have to sort through the paper to ensure that there is no foreign debris or paper types that cannot be recycled. If your private paperwork is being sorted by people, multiple eyes are laid on your personal information. A shredding service does not sort through your paperwork, thus reducing the number of people who see it. 

Shredding Services Provide You With a Certificate of Destruction

When you use a recycling service, you never really know if your items are recycled or end up in a landfill or somewhere else. No one is required to tell you or provide proof that your papers have been recycled. They could wind up anywhere. Document shredding services provide you with a certificate of destruction after they shred your paperwork, giving you peace of mind that your private documents are truly destroyed. 

Shredded Papers Are Transported in a Secured Bin

Often times, recycling services dump your papers into a dumpster or something that looks identical to a garbage truck. As the items are being transported, they can fly out of the back of the truck or dumpster and wind up on the side of the road or in someone's yard where the items can be read. Document shredding services place your items in a secured bin and keep them there until they reach the shredding machine. 

Using a document shredding service is the best way to ensure documents with your name and personal information, or the names and personal information for clients or customers, are properly destroyed. Once the documents are shredded, many document shredding services then turn the shredded paper over to companies that recycle the paper. As such, if you are interested in having the paper recycled for environmental reasons, a shredding service still allows you this opportunity. Contact a document shredding service like ShredQuick to learn more about their shredding process and what they do with the paper waste after it has been shredded. 


27 January 2020

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