How Aerial Imagery Can Benefit Your Architecture Firm

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As an architect, your clients depend on you to build the perfect building for them every time and on the first try. This can put a lot of pressure on your employees as the initial blueprints are put together. There is, however, one way to give your business what is essentially a bit of a cheat code as you begin the design process. It's possible today to acquire aerial imagery of the building site and then use these images to help you design a building that is exactly what both you and the client want to see. Here's how working with a firm that offers aerial imagery acquisition services can benefit you as an architect.

Perfect Structure Placement Down to the Inch

When putting together a new blueprint, you'll probably have the overall measurements of the property the building will go on, but it can still be hard to fully visualize how everything will look when it's all done without actually being at the site. When you obtain aerial imagery of the property, you can go beyond a mere computer simulation. You can use the photos during your development process to figure out the precise location of every structure or piece of material that needs to end up at the site. You also might have a better idea if any of the structures will clash with each other from a design standpoint and need to be repositioned.

A Great Office View

When you are putting together an office building, the client might request a certain number of offices with window views for executives or other senior employees. What can be hard to do though until the building is actually put together is to determine the exact quality of each view from those offices. With aerial imagery, you can have someone take pictures at very specific heights above the ground. These photos will then help you simulate what the office worker will actually see when they look out the window. If you need to adjust window placement or sigh lines, the imagery you acquire will help you put it all together.

Don't Let the Sun Ruin Your Plans

You put together the perfect building and everything seemed great at first, but then you got a phone call. Workers are complaining that the sun is shining directly through a certain window, making people feel uncomfortable. Another scenario might be the sun casting a shadow in an awkward spot that ruins the surrounding scenery for a certain part of the day. With aerial imagery, you can obtain photographs of the property at multiple times of day in order to incorporate this information into your plans

If you want these benefits for your company, reach out to aerial imagery acquisition services to learn more. 


24 January 2020

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