Need A High Pressure Pump? 3 Types To Choose From

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If you need to purchase a high-pressure pump for your company, you will find there are different types on the market that you can purchase. If you have never purchased a high-pressure pump in the past, this can make it difficult to choose the right type. The last thing you want to have happens is to purchase the wrong pump as this would be a waste of time and money. To prevent this, below are three types of high pressure pumps available.

Centrifugal High-Pressure Pumps

A centrifugal high-pressure pump generally has an electric motor, but you will find other types available also, such as hydraulically powers. These pumps use impellers in order to pump the liquid. This type has a very high flow rate, and you can use centrifugal pumps to pump low viscosity liquids and dirty liquids. The liquid cannot contain any type of vapors or air, however. It is important to know the type of liquid you will use as this will determine the type of impeller the pressure pump should have.

If your company deals with thin liquids and plans to run the pump at a high flow rate, this is the best type of high-pressure pump you can choose.

Booster High-Pressure Pumps

Booster high-pressure pumps increase pressure in your system. There are different types of booster high-pressure pumps, including end suction, vertical turbine, in line circulator, or horizontal split. These pumps have more than one impeller in most cases. Applications used with this type of pump are processer booster, cooling water booster, irrigation booster, and water distribution. 

Booster high pressure pumps only work with thin liquids. If you were to put a thick liquid in this pump it would likely not work at all. This pump works well if you often pump liquids at a long distance or if you plan to use the pump to spray. 

Circulator High-Pressure Pump

Circulator high-pressure pumps feature a pump that has a discharge flange and in line suction. A traditional electric motor powers this pump in most cases, but you can find some pumps that have a rotor motor. 

The heating and air conditioning industry often use circulator high-pressure pumps as both cold and hot water can be pumped. Also, if you use a type of sprayer in your plant this type of pump will work best for you. Only water or thin liquids can be used with a circulator high-pressure pump. This pump is smaller so it will not use as much floor space. 

A company that sells high-pressure pumps can tell you of other types that are available. 


22 January 2020

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