3 Things That Should Be Done When Installing Handicap Access Ramps At Your Place Of Business

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It's important to provide disabled people with easy access to your building. Installing new handicap ramps will offer the access your customers need and provide you with peace of mind in knowing that everyone will be safe when entering and exiting your building. Here are a few things you should do when installing new handicap access ramps at your place of business:

Get Some Opinions

If you aren't sure exactly where to place your new handicap access ramps, find out where your clientele thinks they should go. Those who need the handicap access may offer some insight that you don't have and allow you to determine where the ramps should be located once and for all.

While you may want to place the ramps right in front of your doors, those who will be using the ramps may prefer them to be located off to the side of the doors where foot traffic tends to be slower. You can also ask the company that will be installing your handicap ramps to recommend locations that are safe, easily accessible, and yet out of the way of the everyday hustle and bustle that goes on at your place of business.

Install Some Signs

It's important to install some signs near the locations where your new handicap access ramps will be installed. Not only will the signs alert people of where the ramps are when they're navigating your parking lot and building entrance, but they'll help ensure that all the rules are properly followed by drivers and pedestrians when interacting with the ramps. For example, if you don't want people parking near the ramps, then make sure your signs say so.

If a driveway crosses the path right in front of a handicap ramp, use your sign to remind people to slow down as they pass. And your signs can let people know that they aren't supposed to bike, roller skate, or skateboard on the ramps.

Plan a Maintenance Schedule

Once your new handicap access ramps have been installed, it's a good idea to plan a maintenance schedule with your service provider to help ensure that the ramps stay in good shape over time. Planning a maintenance schedule ahead of time will let your service provider know exactly when to show up for maintenance throughout the year so you don't have to worry about remembering to make appointments. And regular maintenance can help save your business money in the coming years as maintenance will slow the development of damage and reduce the risk that you'll end up facing expensive repairs at some point in the future.


22 January 2020

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